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-psychological fact.-

ann-nyoe. malam2 ni mesti kena cakap pasal mimpi ke ? :)
mimpi is dream. terasa pelik tak bila baca statement kat atas tu ?

mesti korang fikir macam aku kan. at first when i reat this quote.
i am wondering is this true. all of sudden, my mind manipulated and filtered my recent dreams. terus hati berbunga-bunga teringatkan siapa yg pernah masuk dalam mimpi aku. especially to those my crush-es. HAHA. 
(crush = for one person, crush-es = for plural) 
meaning i owned many crush la. *puke.

HAHA. BUT, i never wonder that the fact was this.
before this, if i am dreaming about someone, i used think that i am the one who miss him/her. 

during this holiday i keep dreaming the same person, my fellas at collage; afiq, meera, hazi, nina, etc. and sometimes i dream bout ashraf, the ones who lived at moscow now.

it's kind of weird thing if i compared the fact and my dream. there's no reason why those non-logical people are missing me. but for meera it's okay la i think, because we did contact everyday and we do missing each other that much. i still don't get it.
it kind of weird quote that i found in Google last week.

in my opinion, we cannot consider all dream with this fact. i think the one's who appears frequently in your dream is the one's who really misses you.

but, if that was the truth fact. it's mean you guys missing me and  i do missing you more. 

thanks to those psychologist who studied and prove the statement was a true fact.

psst ! i might feel happier reading this,
 if i used to have a bboyf.

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