Monday, December 12, 2011



where did I get this quote ? HAHA. Of coz lah, stealing from someone else twitter. HAHA. Like always, me stalking “someone”. Who ? HAHA. Did I have to tell that secret to you ? NAH ! Never. HUA~ HUA~

One of my happiest day in live. (11dec2011) I will never forget single thing that happened today. :) first,  on day, my senior, KAK TIEQA, her brother are getting married, and me and 12 of my friend went to the kenduri at Simpang Renggang. The journey took about an hour and a half by car lah. 5 car I think. On the way there, Madi, Nasri, Sue, Meera and me with the white Myvi. K.Nana, K.Ily, K.Pkah and K.Esyah with Nana's Myvi. Afiq, A.Syahmi and Amir with Syahmi Kamry and Kecek and his wife and the rest of two with Kecek's Viva.

Next destination. Johor Premium Outlet(JPO). Yesterday (11dec) was the opening day of JPO., full of crowd. HAHA. But the mall concept are a little bit different and Eco-friendly, where the store and boutique are separated. In my opinion, it looks more Eco-friendly because, they minimized.. the use of air conditioner. Lot's of butique; BURBERRY, COACH, PADINI, VINNCI. COTTON ON, DKNY, ADIDAS, NIKE, ARMANI and etc, As an advice, if you don't have rm500 in your pocket, please don't go JPO. >.< no kidding! Most of the item price start at rm400. The price were quite high, but the quality were superb. No doubt !

Then. We went to My Idol at Taman U, this is the memorable thing that I would like to remember; I break the rules and regulation. Why ? I went to karok ! HAHA. First time in my life. Sound like a little bit 'JAKUN'. Haha. But that's the truth. !@#$%^. for two hours, with a.syahmi, nasri, sue, afiq, madi, amir and meera. HAH. Of cozlah suare aku macam katak kn. Tapi, dieorang pn suare macam katak jugak. HAHA. At first tu, takut jugak nk menyanyi, but after dieorang dah nyanyi tuh, tibe2 dpt confident. Terus bantai mic tuh, nyanyi lagu LOVE STORY by Taylor Swift dgn Afiq. Macam sweetlah pulak en nyanyi2 dueorang. HAHAH.

The last destination was Restoren Bibik, ate nasi ayam penyek. HAHA. At 8pm, went back to college. This night I am having a huge mission to accomplish. :) hgee~~ ape ? HAHA.

Nothing much and nothing less, I skyped with tut..tut... HAHA. With my ayah sepupu lah. :) OMG. 

He is going to Turkry on January, Korea on Jun and July, also, ITALY (my dream place) on Dec 2012 at age 20years old ?! So unfair. Yhis morning I called my mom, told her about this; that he's going to those place, and as ussual, my mom nagged; compariing me and him, complaining that I didn't do well on my SPM, so lucky him to travel Europe at early age and bla..bla.. HA, But the rest of them, of coz I am happy. Long-time-no-see. He turns to pink lah. !@#$%^ HAPPY KE ? Of coz lah. I was as happy as a king you know. Why ? I don't knowlah. I am just happy. Wanted to smile for the whole day today. !@#$%^. sleep like a log last night plus with a wonderful dream. OKEH. Stop your ridiculous fantasy and imagination lah WAWA. OK. End of MY story for 11 dec.

okeh, my 12 dec start with not good thing. My cute-antique-pink hand-phone, which are given to me by my father as PMR present broke down. !@#$%^. got no phone for a while. $$$$ it's all about money. *PUKE. Not a good sign. Having trouble with my money. When they will give back my money. 800rm. What a worth ?!

This evening, I went out with meera. Wearing skirt. OO-AM-GEE ! I did that. HA. Me wearing long-wavy-navy skirt ? Since when ?! HAA. It's time to change lah. To be more feminine and girlish. Hha. I am a girl rite. As an evident. Nah. I wore it right ? Hoott !

The main purpose; I want to buy a hand-phone lah. Then, I bought one temporary use only; NOKIA 101. red in color. Comel lah ; ah ! I bought Digi no. lah. Don't know why, meera ask me to buy, so I buy lah. Btw, my new hand-phone comes with dual-sim function.

ok. now, the dusk of 12Dec, here am I, doing some routine task, write an entry for today's post. TONIGHT PLANNING; going out for dinner with afiq, meera and amir at KTR, then doing my DS assignment at bilik meeting jkm. Skype with safina razak; twittering and facebooking also blogging. At time; 1am, I should be on my bed already lah. Ok. My 12dec should be end like that lah. :)

psst ! If I were the time keeper.
I wish that 11pm of 11/12 paused. =.=*

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