Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Resolution for 2012.


2012 resolution.

1. for myself; i wish by 2012, i would have these thing;

~DSLR ---> digital camera with 10++ megapixel. NIKON or CANON.
~handphone pun mahu juga. but i am not sure, if it is Blackberry, it should be TORCH. if Iphone, it should be Android; of course Sony Ericsson. 
~purse BUM yang dekat Jusco Taman U tu, RM180; i am waiting for 70% sale. nak beli.

 2. for my study; i choose to focus on study. 

long term wish juga. 
hoping to mantain 3.0 pointer in 8 sem. if i get 3.50 pun ok juga. 
but me hope that i will get Dean List at least one time in my degree.

3.for family; i am hoping that i will be a good daughter to my parent, Encik Abdul Razak Harun and Puan Rohani Muda and also a good sister to my sys Qaisarah Faqihah and systas, Azia Razwa.

4. for myself; i am wishing that, i will be a good girl and mature enough to walk this world alone. me am 20 years loh this year. not teenager any longer.  PRFF~~ oh. GOD, please bless me in what ever task that i am doing.

5. for myself; wishing to be abroad this year. last year Bandung tak sempat pergi, takpolah tahun ni singapore pun jadi loh. First, make passport for 2 years. InsyaAllah. targetnya bulan 3 2012, mac. yok. togather-gather making passport.

6. for friendship; i qm hoping that i will be a good friend

meaning, a good friend. where i apologize when i am wrong, when you are in sorrow, I am the one who will wipe your tears. when you are edge of hunger, I am the one who will feed you. when you in the tired, I is the person who will share a pillow with you. and finally, when you in victory, I is the one who will lift the trophy with you. 

7. for liking-relationship; me hoping that YOU are the one that i will like through out this year and insyaALLAH forever. >.< shy lah.
so for YOU , you better behave nah !

8. for blog; me hoping that i will write more than 200++ entries for 2012. and also the followers, should be 200 lah this year. *somehow, i am very lazy to do blogwalking. pfrr~~ help me. >.<

9. for myself (JKM); as vice secretary, me hoping that i will run my position smoothly and with full of manner. be patient with the works.

10. ok. as ussual, no 10 must be budget and money. :) this year different. bila dapat scholar, means dah ada duit sendiri, so, money resolution tahun ni. all over this year, i am hoping that satu tahun belajar kat sini, tak mahu minta duit dengan parent. exceptional lah kalau abah yang kasi kan and also tiket bas. ngee~~

so. let's wait until the end of 2012. how many wish that complete. wishing you GOOD LUCK wawa. :)

pssst! good luck sugary friend.
may this year 2012 will bring a good starting in 20-1n life.

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  1. gd luck.moga apa yang di idamkan akan jd kenyataan ;)


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