Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Short-term Wish accomplished !

Short-term Wish. :)
the things that i want to buy by the end of this coming SEM 2.
  1. Highcut sneaker from ShoezObsession.
  2. Lomo Diana at Sunway Pyramid. 
  3. Marilyn Monroe t-shirt.
so, less than a week, i manage to cross this two things. first thing, highcut sneaker from ShoezObsession,i already bought this evening with Ecah at time square.

and the second thing, Marilyn Monrae t'shirt. also bought at FOS at time square.

today, i spent a lot of my time with ECAH. i miss her lah. ngee~ *mesti terharu kalau die bace entry ni. hhe. a lot of things that we shared togather. thanks for taking a good care of me. and tomorrow don't forget, we have to go to berjimba at Masjid India. don't want to go MidValley. no fun ! hhe.

ecah and me. :)

my girlfie yg tak berape nak senonoh.

and always me yg perasan cantik. :)

btw, those picture up there sekadar gambar hiasan aja, tapi that sneaker and t-shirt are original nah. :) what i mean; me and ecah picture lorh. biasalah, kalau dah jumpa kawan satu kepala inilah jadi nya. sebelum keluar, siap pakai shawl mesti nak kena snap picture dulu. everyday kan ecah ? ummp! i miss those moment. semenjak masuk u ni, dah tak buat macam tu. malu pulak dengan rumet baru. nggg. complete story pasal my Sweet and Sour journey (holiday di s.alam & KL ) i will story later, another entry entitled Sweet and Sour.

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